About Me

My name is Russell.

In November of 2017 I was sitting in the doctors office for an annual checkup. And my Dr advised me that I was dangerously over the normal BMI, also had a Blood pressure rate of 170 over 120 (dangerous) and a sugar level of 280(My dr told me that normal was 80 or so). My weight was 217. My height is 5’6 so at 217 my BMI was over 35%

So my Dr is scribbling on some paper… perscriptions! I’m telling her, no Dr I’m not going to fill that. She proceeded to tell me in a not so kind manner that “Mr Butler, all of your levels are so high that I should be admitting you into the hospital right now. But I’m going to give you another chance. I’m going to give you 3 months.

This site was made to document my fasting experience.

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