11 Months Of Fasting

Russell here, so after 11 months of fasting, I’m sure this will be a part of my life the rest of my life. At 48, I’ve started feeling the aches and pains of age. Fasting has changed the way I look at getting older.

Since I first started fasting, I used to easily get tired from things like running up steps and other simple tasks.

After 11 months of fasting I can say that the benefits to my body have been noticeable. From improving my body composition, to being able to run upstairs without running out of breath. Even the lower blood pressure and lower stress level. There have been countless benefits to my decision to start intermittent fasting back in November of 2017. From my family to my coworkers to even people I see periodically all have noticed that I have taken great strides in my personal health. The majority of the time I have not been as vigilant in eating clean. Part of this has been purposeful as I do not want to live my life without enjoying the things that I’ve always enjoyed. and the great thing about intermittent fasting is that I don’t have to. I only have to be mindful of the time that I choose to eat. I also have to consider making sure that I go for a specific amount of hours without eating anything and also only drinking water.

The next Point of focus in My fasting Journey will be to increase my physical workout routine. It all started when I take my daughter to soccer practice I take time to run around the field with my youngest daughter. Simple small steps like this prepare me for making the decision to be much more Vigilant with my workouts. I will be doing mostly calisthenics push-ups sit-ups Pull-Ups also the exercise ball will be a part of my routine.

One of my most valuable lessons in this entire Journey has been the mental Clarity that I have experienced. Also the mental test that I endured every time I decide to fast. You see when you decide to fast if you’ve had a lifestyle of eating anything you wanted at any time you wanted it becomes evident when you decide to fast. Because when you encounter food that you like your mind reminds you that old that looks delicious I would like some of that. And you have to consciously make the decision to remind yourself that I am in a fasted State and I’m not going to eat until the appointed time. My mind said about eating food has changed completely. specifically I can appreciate eating much more than I used to. Another thing that I noticed is that food tastes better. Especially when going long periods without food your taste buds tend to accept food more vividly. The resetting your taste buds is magnified when you have something with salt or sugar in it the flavor tends to be more robust or enhanced from the lack of food.

another important mental lesson that I’ve experienced is when I realized that the times that I go without food or times that I do not actually need food. There is a certain value in understanding but even though your stomach is empty that you’ve decided it is not time to eat yet. There’s a little voice inside of you that says you need to eat now it says you need to eat strawberry cake or a hamburger or fried potatoes or any of the things that you would eat in excess. Thoughts that go through your mind that you are more keen to when you are in a fasted state. One of the goals that I have set for myself over the next 12 months is to build the best body I’ve ever had in my life. With that being said there are obviously many things that I’m going to have to cut out of my diet. Fried foods and junk food are going to have to take a backseat to the goal that I have set for myself. In order to achieve my fitness goals I’m going to use an elliptical in my tv room. I’m also going to use an exercise ball, a jump rope, and a few DVDs that I’m going to use to make sure that I work out between three and five days every week. One thing that I personally find is that when fasting my body is weaker when I work out however my recovery time seems to be pretty much quicker than it used to be when I was not experiencing a fasted state. One of the biggest challenges that I’m going to be facing over the next couple of weeks is the holidays. In my family the holidays are always celebrated with a mass abundance of food. Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas dinner are always times where you meet the family you need lots of delicious food and you eat more lots of delicious food. and then you have lots of dessert. And even more dessert period food in abundant Xs. the good part is I started this challenge in November of 2017 two weeks before Thanksgiving and I was able to get through that Thanksgiving since I had a goal in mind. I believe this year will be much the same. They will also be a lot more appreciation in my mind given the progress that I’ve made over the last 11 months.

Do my research I have found that some people experience periods of bingeing during the process of intermittent fasting. While binging is a serious problem for many people this is not something that I have experienced while in the process of fasting. I have had small amount of eating junk food and fast-food. However I am careful not to exceed my daily caloric intake. This is also dependent on the fasting interval that you decide to take. my personal regimen is 5 days eating 2 days fasting. So on Tuesdays and Thursdays I typically perform My fasting. This starts at around 8 p.m. on a Monday, going through out Tuesday without eating and then having a breakfast on Wednesday. Roughly 36 hours without a meal. on Wednesday I eat 3 full meals, with my last bit of meal being around 8 p.m. Wednesday night. After Wednesday night I go through out Thursday what time eating a meal drinking only water and maybe tea or coffee without sugar or milk. And then proceeding onto Friday afternoon at lunch time having a large lunch and Friday evening having a large dinner. Thursday fast accounts for about 48 hours without food only water or black tea or coffee. Friday Saturdays and Sundays are typically a free for all where I remove any food restriction for myself since I have taken at least 70 hours that week without food in my belly. Progress I have seen in my personal health and my body physical health have been gratifying beyond measure.

I have experienced a massive increase of energy, a teener focus when I am learning things and also more long-term energy. I’m excited about the idea of bringing back the beach body that my wife fell in love with many years ago. I’m also very keen to enjoy the journey however. Is my daughter still calls me SpongeBob.So I realized that I have a long way to go towards the end goal.

One of the most valuable parts of fasting in my opinion is that when you break your fast you’re able to eat almost anything you would like to eat. I was raised as a meat eater, and this is something that I probably will not let go of as I enjoy the flavor of meat and the benefit of protein that you get from meat. I also relish the opportunity for fellowship with my friends and my family that comes with a backyard barbecue, or a fish fry, or sharing a chicken pot pie. It is quite obvious that there are likely advantages to not eating meat at all. I may go down that path one day. However since it is not necessary, and not something that I desire, it’s not something that I’m going to consider at this time. Especially since the records prove that there have been no dependability rating effects on my body as a result of eating meat. I’m sure that there are vegetarians and vegans who will disagree with me and that is absolutely fine. However I am saying that it is not for me to avoid meet at this time in my life. Even as I write this I think about things like consuming GMOs Foods or Monsanto accepted foods and realize the potential dangers of eating some meats. With this in mind I will try to retain reasonable objectivity when the discussion of eating meat comes up.

One thing that I’ve never had a problem with his eating vegetables. I love you and vegetables I love salads I love green I love green beans all types of leafy green vegetables I thoroughly enjoy enjoy eating. This is something there’s never been a problem for me however sometimes when you’re at work you don’t have the opportunity to eat clean. It’s times like that I like it to enjoy a green smoothie that has phytonutrients and replaces nutrients that are void in fast foods. I want to link to my favorite green smoothie solution. One of the main problems relying on eating foods that come through a drive-thru is that there are no options or very few options for healthy choices. one of the ways I break it down there is food is used for enjoyment or food that is used for nutrition again I’m not a professional so there are better ways to break this down for sure.

Another of my favorite benefits of fasting has been the fun that I’ve had having to going to my closet to find clothes that are collecting dust from not being able to wear them all of this time possibly many years since the last time I’ve been able to fit in one of my favorite pair of pants like used to wear to work. Slipping these clothes on and finding them easily fitting over my waist just been extremely gratifying. It’s a good feeling knowing that all the hard work that you’re doing is paying off and being able to see it in the mirror it even better. I think my wife agrees with me. there have been many pair of pants that I’ve had to retire to the garden and household clothing pile. I am now having to consider investing in New Clothes since making the clothes that I’ve worn before are too large and also have now worn out from years of wear.

So that’s it a brief summary of where I am now, 11 months after deciding to begin intermittent fasting. I hope this was helpful to someone I know that if you are thinking about intermittent fasting continue to do your research and I will make sure to continue to post all of the progress that I am making. I will also make sure to post information that I learn as I learn more about fasting in general.

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